Thai Bbq & Seafood

If you find yourself in Covina, California, there are some must-visit food spots that you simply cannot miss out on. From classic American fare to international cuisine, Covina's dining scene truly has it all. Just take a look at these mouth-watering photos:

The Best of American Comfort Food

Delicious American Comfort Food

You can never go wrong with some good old-fashioned American comfort food! One spot you absolutely have to check out is Marty's Hamburger Stand. This legendary burger joint has been serving up juicy, flavorful burgers and fries since 1957. Their classic Marty Burger, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Thousand Island dressing, is an absolute must-try.

International Flavors in Covina

International Cuisine in Covina

Looking for something a little more exotic? Covina has plenty of international options to choose from as well. One of our favorites is Thai Diamond BBQ. As soon as you walk in, the aroma of grilled meats and spices will transport your taste buds to Thailand. Their authentic Thai barbecue dishes, like the marinated pork and chicken satay, are simply divine.

For something a little closer to home, check out One Veg World. This cozy vegetarian spot specializes in global cuisine, offering everything from Indian curries to Mexican-style burritos. Their vegan "chicken" sandwich, made with soy protein and topped with avocado and chipotle mayo, is a definite crowd-pleaser.

No matter what kind of food you're in the mood for, Covina has something to satisfy your cravings. So don't hesitate to explore this lively food scene and discover your next favorite spot!

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