Giovanni's Covina · Italian-american Restaurant

Well, well, well. Look at what we have here. Some yummy-looking Mexican food and Italian cuisine. I'm already drooling just thinking about it.

Alfredo's Mexican Food

Alfredo's Mexican Food restaurant image

Let's start off with Alfredo's Mexican Food. They've got 14 photos and 19 reviews on Yelp. And from the looks of it, those photos are making my stomach growl. The colors are so vibrant and the portions look huge. I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of big portions when it comes to Mexican food.

I always appreciate a nice small business that's family-owned. And according to Yelp, that's the case with Alfredo's Mexican Food. No corporate chains here, folks. Just good ol' fashioned homemade food served by hardworking folks. Sounds like my kind of spot.

Avolio's Italian Restaurant

Avolio's Italian Restaurant image

Moving on to Avolio's Italian Restaurant. This place has a whopping 144 photos on Yelp. You know what that means? Lots of food porn. And after browsing through those photos, I can confirm -- it's definitely food porn.

There's just something about Italian food that gets me every time. Maybe it's the cheesy goodness or the carb overload. Whatever it is, Avolio's seems to have it all. And let's talk about the ambiance. From the photos, it looks like a cozy little spot perfect for a romantic date or a family dinner.

Overall, both of these spots look like hits. And as we all know, Yelp reviews and photos never lie. So if you're feeling like some Mexican or Italian food, give these places a try. And let me know how it is. I'll be over here dreaming about that food porn.

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